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How It All Began

Lynette Nutter

Lynette Nutter is owner and creative director with unique experience developing content across evolving platforms, including: television, web, social media, public relations, and special events.

Lynette has been deeply driven by story - other people’s story - since she was 7. Whether it’s used for entertainment, to connect to a brand, increase community or company morale, Lynette maintains story is the key ingredient to successful engagement; it influences creative, steers marketing strategy, and moves people into action. She has managed creative teams to develop and deliver assets and content for local and national organizations. 

In a previous life Lynette was a television producer where she honed her skills at capturing stories for studios like Sony, Paramount, and Warner Brothers.  She has a B.A. in Communication & English from San Diego State University where she played 4 years of basketball on a nationally ranked team.

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