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Engage more people by telling THE RIGHT story.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is wasting money on marketing that tells the wrong story - your messaging matters. 

Impactful marketing starts with creating memorable story-driven content. What are you saying about your business?  

"It's about knowing how to tell YOUR STORY by crafting clear messaging - that’s my specialty." 
~ Lynette Nutter, Founder - A Nutter Production

I Will Change The Way Marketing Works For You

A beautiful website and posting on social media is a part of marketing, but if your messaging is confusing you're wasting time and money. LET'S CHANGE THAT.

Clear and Simple Messaging


Everything you say matters.

A Nutter Production utilizes your story to craft clear, consistent, and compelling messaging that resonates with your customers and your team.

Save Time

and Money


Get the most from your marketing.

I will listen to you, then construct a simple messaging framework so you are telling an engaging and consistent story across all platforms.

Grow Your


Your success is My Goal.

We will create better content that will change how your marketing works for you so you can focus on growing your business.

You have an amazing story to tell your customers and unite your team.  

  "Lynette is our first choice for telling impactful and evocative stories that move our business forward. She has an uncanny ability to grasp what we need and deliver messaging that inspires people to take action." 

~ Valerie Fenyn, Communications Director - Tribal Heath

A Little Backstory

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenge business owners face when it comes to creating effective marketing content.  It's the "curse of knowledge" - we know too much about our story and it's tough to know where to start or what to talk about. 


I have been passionate about other people's stories since I was 7 and have turned that into a career by telling stories for 25 years. My unique blend of experiences in the world of content development, including: producing television, filming bands on tour, and helping businesses in marketing their story - has taught me how to create the kind of story-driven marketing that works.


Here's How To Make It Easy To Optimize Your Marketing

Step 1:
Schedule A Discovery Call

We'll dive into your business, see if we're a good fit, then build a content strategy that will grow your business.   

Step 2:
Clarify Your Message

 I will go over an easy-to-use story-driven framework and create a plan that will make your marketing stand out so you can feel confident that you are telling the right story to your team and your customers.

Step 3: Implement, Engage, & Grow Your Business

  Marketing doesn't change overnight, but with the right messaging and with a plan in place you will engage customers, ignite team members, and watch your business grow in a few months.


You not only save time, money, and mental bandwidth - but you finally have the kind of marketing that will help your business grow.

Engage More Customers

Attract Better Talent

Unite Your Team

Onboard New Hires


Let's start telling the right story.  

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