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Clients and Testimonials

Most business leaders hire me to help them solve marketing problems. Whether it's developing clear messaging or creating videos, everything is aimed at engaging more people through telling the right story. I've had the pleasure working with small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and more. 
Here are just a few.

Tribal Health

Tribal Health's mission is to transform Indigenous Healthcare. By hiring medical teams for clinics that serve Indigenous communities throughout the country, their work is impactful. 


Tribal Health hired me to create a few videos that would tell their overall story, highlight their mission and values, help them recruit better talent, and engage prospective clients.


We continue to collaborate on producing more videos, which are utilized across multiple platforms, including: website, YouTube, socials, presentations, and trade shows.


The process quickly elevated their already stellar marketing, attracting new talent and clients, and further uniting their amazing team. 

Arcata House Partnership

The folks at Arcata House Partnership (AHP) are heroes. Their mission is to advocate and provide services for the homeless. AHP had a vision and received funding to refurbish a hotel in order to create housing for some of the unhoused people in our community. The new complex is called The Grove.


We created a three-part series showing the Need, the Vision, and Occupancy.


We interviewed the Director of AHP, volunteers, and some of the people who are now residents of The Grove. By telling the story about some of the issues unhoused people face, we see that when basic needs are met people can live the kind of life they imagined. 



Alchemy Distillery

I live in a community of entrepreneurs who collaborate and support each other. Alchemy Distillery and Los Bagels collaborated on a whiskey, but there's more to that story.


Alchemy Distillery is an award-winning distillery and Los Bagels is a local favorite. The video highlights their values around sustainability and further contributions to the community.


We ran this video in the local movie theatre as "Community Spotlight". It's a reflection of the warm-hearted people who live here and collaborate to lift eachother up and create a better community.  

DIME - Music Education

Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) is a music college focused on educating students about the skills needed to succeed in the music industry.


DIME needed videos that would engage prospective students and teachers. I spent 2 days interviewing students, teachers, and staff talking about what sets DIME apart as a music college.


The team not only used the entire video for marketing, but were also able to edit 30 second segments to use on social media and for digital advertising. 

Food for People

Food For People (FFP) have incredible programs committed to feeding people in our community who face food insecurity. 


FFP needed to raise money to refurbish their building so they could store more food and better serve those in need.


I created a series of videos telling the stories about the people FFP serve and the services they provide.  I talked to kids, elderly people, volunteers, and the Director of FFP to   really feel the impact these programs have on people who need it most.


The videos helped FFP raise the funding they needed. They now have a new building with bigger refrigeration resulting expanding their services to more people in our community.


Just a few testimonials from clients I have been privileged to work with:


save the redwoods
Dirty Business Soil
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