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About Me...

My name is Lynette Nutter

I am the creative mind behind A Nutter Production.  I am not just a seasoned storyteller: but also a strategic marketer honing my craft as a television producer for Sony, Paramount and Warner Brothers.

Through collaborations with businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, musicians and creatives, I have crafted compelling messaging and videos that captive audiences and unite team members.

I’ve been interested in other people’s stories since I was 7. For 25 years, I've made a career out of telling stories - first as a television producer, working in news, sports, talk-shows, and documentaries. 


When I had my daughter, almost 20 years ago, I started A Nutter Production after identifying a gap where many marketing agency's were missing the storytelling in their marketing strategies.  I know that stories connect us, they have emotional impact, and they are remembered. 

This is my focus.  

Let's chats and see if I can tell your story, with marketing that engages your customers, team members and clients.

I don't create generic content;  I craft  the kind of unforgettable messaging that  leaves a lasting impression."                            
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